Deanery of Clinical Sciences Funding Challenge 2016!

The Little France Post-Doc Society and the Postgrads Little France Society are pleased to announce the Deanery of Clinical Sciences Funding Challenge!

This is a small grant opportunity for early career researchers (PGT, PGR and Post-Docs) within the Deanery of Clinical Sciences to apply for funds to support their current study and research.

The funding challenge will be launched at an event on Monday 14th March at 4pm in the Mary Kinross and Fyffe rooms, QMRI with some light refreshments, wine, beer and soft drinks! The launch event will give detailed instructions about the application format, requirements and submission process.  The application form will be made available on the Clinical Sciences website immediately after the launch event.  Applicants will have approx. 2 weeks to submit grant proposals following the launch.

This is a good opportunity to gain some experience in writing a competitive funding application and to boost your scientific CV. To encourage you all to start thinking about your proposals, brief details of the funding can be found below.

Please note, researchers must be registered in the Deanery of Clinical Sciences to be eligible for funding.

Eligibility: Open to all PGT, PGR and Post-Docs within the Deanery of Clinical Sciences

Funds available: Applications are welcomed up to the value of £2,500.  Relevant costing and justification for funds will be required.

Conditions: Applicants are required to show proof that the funds are spent by 31st July 2016.

Assessment: Applications will be judged by a panel of academics from across the various centres at Little France and representatives from the Little France Post-Doc Society and the Postgrads Little France Society.

Submission deadline: Friday 1st April 2016, 4:00pm; by email to

University Mentoring scheme

Mentoring Connections is now inviting applications from mentors and mentees at all grades. The next cohort closes on the 18th December 2015 and matching will be conducted in January and February 2016.  For more information visit:

In October, technical problems occurred with the application form which resulted in some online forms being lost.  If you received a ‘Welcome email’ this means that your online form was successfully received.  If you applied, but have not received an email, unfortunately you will need to apply again.

If you applied at this time, you may want to check your profile to ensure your details were saved. You can now log in to the system at any time to review and update your member profile:

  • Go to
  • Click the “Sign in” button
  • Click the “Forgotten your password” link

This will allow you to set your own secure password and then log in to view your profile.

Please get in touch if you have any further questions about the programme, by emailing:

SSC2a Call for tutors

Opportunity for tutoring 2nd year medical students:

Clinical SSC2a tutors whose colleges have a CPD matrix may find it useful to map their SSC2a tutoring time to this (17 hours formally recognised by the University). It is also a great way to show clearly identifiable SPA time output, and useful for discretionary points applications.

The role of tutor remains minimally onerous (~15 hours over 10 weeks, plus ~2 hours assessment and feedback) and generally a very rewarding one, guiding a group of enthusiastic 2nd years in investigating the medical/scientific literature on a topic of your choice, and creating an online review of the topic.

The module will start on 28th September 2015 and run for approximately 10 weeks, until 7th December 2015, meeting the students for a 1-2 hour session on a Monday or a Tuesday sometime between 10.30 am and 1 pm, most weeks. You do not have to meet the students every week, so it doesn’t matter if you’ll be away at some stage in that period (and you can always do it jointly with a co-tutor). However, the first few weeks are critical, and you need to be available to do ~ 2 hours of marking between 7th December and 15th December 2015.

Contact if interested

2015 School of Clinical Sciences Funding Challenge – final feedback

This was a small grant opportunity for early career researchers (PGT, PGR, and PostDocs) within the School of Clinical Sciences to apply for funds to support their current study and research.

The assessors noted the high number and quality of applications received. In total, 12 awards were made from around 60 applications giving a funding rate of ~20%. The total award was £31637.72 with average award value of £2636.48. No single award exceeded £3050, successful applications requesting funds of less than £3000 were funded in full, some successful requests that exceeded £3000 were awarded at a lower amount. The successful lead applicants were from CIR (5), CVS (3), CCBS (2) and SCRM (2).

4th July 2015